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Triumphant Return

We are thrilled to announce the triumphant return of Artefaktor Radio to our beloved listeners! After a challenging period, during which our station was targeted by hackers and faced the wrath of haters, we have emerged stronger than ever.

The recent attack on our radio station was an unfortunate reminder of the power of malice and the lengths some individuals will go to disrupt the things we hold dear. But we refused to let their actions silence us. Instead, we harnessed this adversity as fuel to rebuild and fortify our defenses, ensuring that our connection with you, our valued audience, remains unbreakable.

Throughout this difficult time, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love from our listeners, who stood by us, unwavering in their loyalty. Your messages, emails, and social media posts served as beacons of hope, reminding us why we do what we do. The passion and dedication of our audience fueled our determination to overcome the challenges and return to the airwaves stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Our team of talented professionals has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to secure our systems, fortify our infrastructure, and enhance our cyber defenses. We have implemented state-of-the-art technologies, partnered with leading experts in cybersecurity, and undergone rigorous training to ensure that your listening experience remains secure, uninterrupted, and enjoyable.

Today, we stand here, ready to reclaim our place in your daily lives. Our diverse team of passionate DJs, hosts, and presenters is bursting with excitement to share music, news, stories, and entertainment that will captivate and inspire you. We are committed to bringing you the best programming, fostering meaningful connections, and creating a safe and inclusive space where everyone’s voice is heard.

As we emerge from this dark chapter, we look forward to a future filled with positive energy, uplifting content, and unforgettable moments shared together. Together, we are invincible, impervious to the efforts of those who seek to undermine the power of unity and shared experiences.

Thank you for your unwavering support, your loyalty, and your love. We cannot wait to embark on this new chapter with you, our incredible listeners. Welcome back to Artefaktor Radio, where the spirit of resilience and the magic of radio live on stronger than ever before.

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Music Submissions Artefaktor Radio V3.0

  • If you would like to submit music to Artefaktor Radio, please make sure to follow their guidelines. Here’s how you can prepare your submission:
  • Convert your music files to MP3 format: Ensure that your music files are in MP3 format. If they are currently in a different format (such as WAV), you can use audio conversion software or online converters to convert them to MP3.
  • Properly tag your MP3 files: It’s important to tag your MP3 files correctly to provide essential information about the track. You can use music management software like iTunes, Windows Media Player, or dedicated tagging tools to add relevant tags such as the artist’s name, track title, album name, and genre.
  • Create artwork of 350 x 350 pixels: Design artwork for your submission with the dimensions of 350 x 350 pixels. You can use image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or free alternatives like GIMP or Pixlr to create or resize your artwork accordingly.
  • Email your submission: Compose an email with the MP3 files attached and the artwork embedded. Write a brief introduction or description of your music in the email body. Make sure to include the artist’s name, track titles, and any other relevant information. Address the email to .
  • Send your submission: Double-check that you have attached the MP3 files and embedded the artwork in the email. Verify that all the required information is included, and ensure that the email is sent to the correct address.
  • Remember to follow any additional guidelines or requirements provided by Artefaktor Radio. It’s always a good idea to visit our website: or contact us directly to confirm your submission process and any specific instructions we may have.

Best of luck with your submission to Artefaktor Radio!

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